Yellow Jacket

hornet nest - yellow jackets

Using an aerosol-type pesticide on yellow jackets may be harmful to your health. Often mistaken for honey bees, yellow jackets nest in just about the same locations except yellow jackets will also build a nest in the ground. Their nest is usually not removed even if in the wall but there are exceptions. Sometimes the nest will be made very close to or include drywall into the nest and this can cause the drywall to bubble up or mold. If you suspect yellow jackets inside your wall and see a bubble in the drywall don't poke at it. If mold appears in the nesting area the drywall should be cut and replaced. Yellow Jacket nests come in all shapes and sizes and because of the location determining an actual price over the phone may be hard. Most nests are easily accessible with pesticides and some are not in a small percentage of cases retreatment of the nest may be required.

( Note: A Yellow Jacket colony has many workers that are in the field gathering things needed for the hive and will return to the hive for the better half of the day). The amount of workers is undetermined and will increase with the size of the hive. When the hive is treated these workers coming back to the nest may linger around the entrance of the nest for an unknown period of time. Some of these workers will force themselves past the treated area only to make things worst for themselves. My treatment works by social and direct contact but it is also slow working so it doesn't excite them and it is carried to the nest.