Pest Control

honey bee removal

Pest control company servicing Illinois and North West Indiana. Rodent control service will exterminate mice, rats, mole, vole, and chipmunk. My pest control services will deal with mouse infestations and sealing of openings mice use to enter. Rat trapping and removal programs for quick knockdown of large populations. I use a large variety of traps, baits, and the use of the burrow X when allowed to get rid of all types of rodents. I do not use standard pest control programs to eliminate rodents. For mice and rats getting into homes and businesses, I customize treatments to get rid of this pest quickly and seal any openings. Voles are normally treated weekly as I aim to exterminate the population without a monthly service. Mole can require more than one treatment as they will travel from neighboring yards and fields. Other pest control services I offer are exterminating yellow jackets and hornets, mostly bald-faced hornets. A bald faced-hornet is the large hornet that makes a grey paper nest the size of a softball or basketball. My specialty is removing honey bees. I do live only removal of honey bee hives and bee swarms. All honey bees are relocated to a safe location to be raised.