Pest Control

honey bee removal

Pest Control Services; Rodent Control, hornet, and wasp exterminating. Trapping and removal of mice, rats, shrew, mole, vole, and chipmunk.  My wildlife control company will remove the pest and seal openings they use to get in. When removing mice or rats from inside a home or business I can use traps that are safe for pets and children. I do not use bait inside any living space or work environment, I will use bait to exterminate mice in attics if necessary otherwise I use traps. I use custom-made programs to get rid of unwanted pests outside and inside a home or business. I focus more on sealing a structure more than monthly pest control programs for mice and rats. I service residential, commercial, and industrial locations in Illinois and Indiana. My pest removal service will also exterminate wasps and hornets, but my specialty is removing honey bees alive only. I will relocate honey bee swarms, and remove bee hives from walls and floors.