Honey Bee 

bee hive being removed

Honeybee removal services for residential, commercial, and Industrial locations in Illinois and Indiana. My wildlife control service offers various types of beekeeping work including my specialty, doing cutouts or removing honeybee hives. I will remove beehives, relocate honeybee swarms, and move beehives for beekeepers moving from a bee yard. Removing a beehive can be a lengthy process and involve cutting drywall, roofing, and siding. The time it takes to remove a beehive varies with the size of the hive and the position or height of the beehive. Anytime honeybees are taken they are taken alive and relocated to a safe environment where they can be raised. I am a full-time beekeeper and raise honeybees year-round, for going on about ten years now. I have gotten used to removing wildlife and rodents from walls and voids within the walls working at my nuisance wildlife control business. Depending on the complexity or position of the beehive in a residence a carpenter may need to be called for repair work. I do make sure all parts of the beehive are removed and I will temporarily seal openings made from the hive removal but permanent repair work will need a carpenter, call for information on what I can repair.